Testimonials - Happy Customers

Emma, Wholesale Customer, Auckland, New Zealand, July 2014



Hannah, Wholesale Customer, London, England, August 2014


Taty, Wholesale Customer, Puerto Rico, USA, October 2014



 Loretta Singh, Sydney, Australia, July / August & September 2014


 Sydney, Australia, August 2014



"Hi Laura, I did receive my bag and it's amazing! It fits everything and more! Not to mention the colour is bright and great for summer! Thank you"

Katherine Spencer, Illinois, USA, April 2014



"Hi Laura, Yes I received my bag thank you- I love it and can't wait for the sun to shine so I can take it to the beach :)"

Hatti Apps, Sydney, Australia, March 2014



"Laura, Thank you so much!!"

Rei Konishi, Yokohama, Japan, March 2014



" Hi Laura, Today my bag arrived here in my office. I Loved It!!! Thanks Thanks"

Eloise Mongruel, Carambei, Brazil, March 2014



" She's gorgeous, very colorful!! Everybody loved it and so did I. I was Jumping around when Lucas gave it to me :D And I think I want another one real soon" "Thanks a lot for your amazing and friendly service. Until next time!"

Mirrella Tostes and Lucas Vianna, Vitoria, Brazil, March 2014



" I am SO HAPPY! She is WONDERFUL! You are FANTASTIC. The quality of the bag is amazing. And the "mobolso" on the side is really cute! I'd really like to thank you for the care and post-purchase. that was awsome. I've got my eye on another.. and have already passed on your site to some friends. Thank you for everything"

Maria Eduarda Barbosa, Brasilia, Brazil, January 2014



" Hi Cameron and Laura, Just to tell that my bag has arrived today and I loved it!! :)) Thanks for the attention!! "

Yasmin Q. Peluso, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, January 2014



" I have to tell you this: Heike is absolutely pleased with the bag!  She really loves it and thought about not to use it, because it looks so great. She loves Colombian articles. She already has another one from the US, but this one has a much better quality and better wool. It’s a great eye catcher and nobody got such a bag here in Germany. Whenever she will buy such a bag again, then definitely at MOBOLSO" 

Ulli and Heike,  Heimbuchenthal, Germany, January 2014


Agua Marina

"I absolutely adore my mochila, and am so happy to be supporting the incredible work of the Wayuu women. The colours are much more vibrant in real life, the quality is outstanding, and the team at Mobolso were a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much guys!"

Grace Leong, Melbourne, Australia, December 2013



" Dear Mobolso,  The delivery went well, I am very happy with my new bag! Thanks a lot! "

Fleur Verloo - Bruinesse, The Netherlands. July 2013


" As soon as i saw them I had to have one, it was just a matter of choosing which one! The guys at Mobolso were so lovely to deal with. I can't wait to show off my 'one-of-a-kind' Mobolso bag this summer!"

Mia Ferreira - Sydney, Australia. August 2013



" Laura and Mobolso,  Thanks so much for my new bags! They are all so beautiful, I couldn't decide which one i wanted so I bought 2 :)  The delivery was very quick and service excellent! Please let me know if you get any more orange bags ;) Thanks Again  "

Sarah Gruan - Sydney, Australia. September 2013



" To Mobolso, I love my new bag! As you can see it's a great accessory for my pram!  I would recommend Mobolso bags to anyone, the quality is amazing, the Wayuu women are so talented. Thanks for your prompt service! "

Alison Phillips - Newcastle, Australia. August 2013


" Yes I received the bags really quick and fast.  I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the great service. The quality of service I received from you exceeded my expectations, it beat the big departments and shopping centres. Keep it up. Thanks Alot"

Rasha Fayed - Shamiya, Kuwait, November 2013


"Thank you very much Laura and Mobolso. You are very helpful and co-operative. The orange mochila bag is better then I expected, colourful, big & sturdy. GREAT QUALITY! Cheers from Perth"

Marianus Maurice, Perth, Australia, November 2013




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